The Black Eyed Peas team up with some of Hip Hop's most accredited producers to release Renegotiations: The Remixes, an 8-track EP that is

available now at the iTunes Music Store, and arrives at stores one week later as a physical exclusive piece for Best Buy.

Check out the E card now.

The final sequence is as follows:

1. "Like That" (album version)

2. "Ba Bump" (Erick Sermon Remix)

3. "My Style" feat. Justin Timberlake (DJ Premier Remix)

4. "They Don't Want Music" feat. James Brown (Pete Rock Remix)

5. "Feel It" (Jazzy Jeff Soulful Remix)

6. "Audio Delite" (album version)

7. "Disco Club" (Large Pro Peas Remix)

8. "Like That" - Video (iTunes only).

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