Blac Chyna wants a cyberbullying lawsuit brought against her by a former friend to be dismissed.

The 'Rob & Chyna' star and her former fiance Rob Kardashian were sued by Pilot Jones - who is also known as Justin C. Jones - in 2017, when he claimed they had blamed him for selling a photo to a news outlet and also alleged they had outed him as bisexual and made his phone number public and he recently filed a claim for over $2 million in damages.

However, in new court documents obtained by The Blast, the 31-year-old beauty has insisted her ex-lover was already out and open about his sexuality and she wasn't the first one to reveal it.

She wrote: ''We never had a sexual relationship and he was never my boyfriend.

''At all times during our friendship, J.C. was very open about his sexuality, that he was gay. I witnessed him kiss another man in front of other people on at least one occasion.

''I also saw him stick his back side in another man's face at least one time. I recall that his social media posts at the time did not hide the fact that he was gay. Based on everything I knew about J.C., I believed that he was an openly gay man and that his sexuality was well known.''

Chyna - who has son King Cairo, six, with ex-boyfriend Tyga and daughter Dream, two, with Rob - insisted she has always supported gay rights and ''never discriminated against any person based on their sexuality.''

She went on to claim the photos of them kissing were taken to make Pilot's boyfriend ''jealous''.

She explained: ''He told me that he planned to send the picture to his boyfriend and tell him that he was 'going back to girls'.

''At some point during our friendship, I learned that J.C. had previously been sexually involved with women. I also knew that J.C. had two young children, but I never met them.

''As a good friend to J.C., I agreed to his request to take a picture of us kissing each other so he could send the picture to his boyfriend. The kiss was a 'peck' on the lips. Neither J.C. nor I meant anything sexual by that kiss, and we continued to be only platonic friends after we took that picture.''

Chyna later took to social media to dismiss romantic speculation as a result of the kissing photos, pointing out her friend was gay but insisted she meant no harm as she thought it was a well known fact.

And she blamed Rob for sending any threatening messages from her phone.

She said: ''My then-fiancé Rob Kardashian took my cell phone without my permission to either look through my text and phone messages or to send texts from my cell phone that I did not write.

''In or around October 2016, Rob used my cell phone - without my permission -- to send group texts to J.C. that threatened J.C.'s physical safety. I never sent any texts or made any communications that threatened J.C.'s physical safety.''

Chyna is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out.

Rob has yet to respond to the case.