Blac Chyna claims she didn't know her ex-partner Tyga was dating Kylie Jenner until pictures of them surfaced.

The 31-year-old model has six-year-old son King Cairo with the 'Rack City' rapper, and has claimed she was the last person to find out he had moved on from her to start dating Kylie, whom he was in a relationship with from early 2015 until April 2017.

Chyna says she didn't know about Tyga's romance until she ''got thrown out'' of the house she shared with him at the time, and said the now-ex couple were ''already everywhere publicly'' by the time she found out.

Speaking on 'The Wendy Williams Show', she said: ''With relationships, sometimes things don't work out. Then also, sometimes things just kind of like spread you different ways, and I guess maybe that's kind of what was going on. The way that it went about, like publicly, wasn't right. Even not publicly it wasn't right.''

Chyna had been friends with Kylie's half-sister Kim Kardashian West before Tyga began dating the 21-year-old beauty mogul - who is now in a relationship with Travis Scott, with whom she has 15-month-old daughter Stormi - but claims the family ''threw [her] under the bus'' when the relationship began.

She added: ''Tyga started dating Kylie. After that happened, that's when, of course, the family kind of like, 'All right, well bye, girl' and threw me underneath the bus.''

In 2016, Chyna began dating Kylie's half-brother Rob Kardashian - with whom she has two-year-old daughter Dream - but insists she wasn't trying to ''get back'' at the Kardashian family with the romance.

Asked by show host Wendy Williams if she'd used Rob to get back at Kylie and Tyga, Chyna - who split with Rob in February 2017 - said: ''No, it didn't happen that way. Definitely didn't happen that way. After all that stuff, the turmoil and whatnot, Robert was hitting me up on Instagram all the time and I thought it was a setup. Like, they're trying to set me up to go with the brother, I'm not falling for that. So then on New Year's Eve, I was in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I was like 'You know what, I'm here by myself, let me just call this boy.' Because he was like ... on my mind.''