ABBA star BJORN ULVAEUS wants to create a new stage show based on the life of former bandmate ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD. The WATERLOO songwriter believes Lyngstad's transformation from an infant orphan into a princess is perfectly primed for a sweeping musical. He says, "Out of all four of us, she had the most dramatic life. Her life is the classic from rags to riches story. "First she grew up as an orphan and then it turned out that she was a product of the Lebensborn programme." During Germany's World War Two occupation of Norway, Nazi officers were encouraged to conceive children with 'racially suitable' Scandinavians in a bid to expand the Aryan - blonde hair and blue eyed - 'master race'. Following the premature death of her mother shortly after the war's end in 1945, Lyngstad was sent to Sweden to be raised by her grandmother. She believed her father had died in the war, until the true nature of her parentage was revealed by a German magazine in 1977. Ulvaeus adds, "Her German father was found and awkward family reunion took place." In 1992 she married German PRINCE RUZZO REUSS VON PLAUTEN - her third husband. He died of cancer in 1999 but she still carries the title Her Serene Highness.