Icelandic singer Bjork has changed her outlook on large-scale charity fundraising following her emotional visit to Indonesia last month (JAN06).

The ALL IS FULL OF LOVE star had always been suspicious of centralised organisations because she felt too much money was wasted before it reached the needy.

The 40-year-old says, "I always felt a bit funny about it because I didn't know where the money was going and the people come and I don't know them.

"And (you hear) scandal stories about charities where most of the money pays for champagne to help with celebrities."

But seeing the plight still endured by victims of 2004's Indian Ocean tsunami has changed her mind once and for all - particularly an experience she shared with her United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) guide.

She continues, "She was pretty cool (at first), taking us to the locations and interpreting and laughing.

"And then, right before we went to the airport, she took us to see the house where she used to live and obviously it had been scraped off the ground and you could see the floor tiles.

"And then she found her mother's dress in the debris and just broke down. And it was... because we'd got to know her, it was quite hard-hitting. It's a lot to take in, in two days."