Bjork had an embarrassing toilet experience in a London club on Wednesday night (15OCT03) - when bouncers tried to eject her from a cubicle.

The eccentric Icelandic star had been partying at the GRILL ROOM at ELYSIUM after performing at the Fashion Rocks event earlier in the night, when she visited the ladies' loos.

A source continues, "The gents' is on the floor above so a lot of male guests were using the women's loo. Security were sent in to get rid of the blokes.

"They banged on one of the cubicle doors and asked the occupants to get out.

"Out walked Bjork with two men. The bouncers were really embarrassed as she was the guest of honour at the party. They had to politely ask the three of them to leave the ladies' toilet."

17/10/2003 13:39