Eccentric singer Bjork regrets having starred in acclaimed movie DANCER IN THE DARK - even though it won her the BEST ACTRESS award at 2000's CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

The Icelandic artist admits she wishes she had just done the soundtrack, and stayed far away from director Lars Von Trier's cameras.

Bjork, 37, says, "I should have done the music, said no about the acting like I'd done from the start - and perhaps done music for another movie.

"I wanted to do something that wasn't about me. I'd had the Bjork pop star thing. It was OK, but I was ready for a break.

"And then I ended up getting into something that was even more self-indulgent than being a pop star - being an actress, having a mirror in front of me 24 hours a day."

16/06/2003 17:09