Icelandic star Bjork credits ship horns for influencing her decision to become a musician.

The I'VE SEEN IT ALL singer admits when she was growing up, the sound of the nautical vehicles featured prominently in her weekly routine, and aroused her interest in music.

She says, "I used to stay with my grandparents. And my granddad used to take care of me on Sunday morning, because that was the morning that my grandmom could sleep in.

"So he would first make me porridge, and then he would take me down to the harbour and we would looks at the boats and eat ice cream. I was, like, five-years-old, and I remember hearing the horns of the ships and thinking that it sounded gorgeous.

"That was one of the first times when I felt everything was music and everything was wonderful."

31/08/2004 02:23