Politicians and experts from across the world have descended on the French capital to attend the United Nations' 2015 Paris Climate Conference, known as COP21, this month (Dec15) to agree on legally-binding proposals to limit damage to the environment.

The talks between 195 nations reportedly stalled, but it is hoped a deal will eventually be agreed by Saturday (12Dec15), a day after COP21 was due to wrap up.

Singer and environmental campaigner Bjork has now spoken out to urge the world leaders involved in the talks not to give up.

"For us to protect it (the environment) is really important..." she tells Sky News. "I don't think they (the politicians) are listening enough, the majority of people on this planet feel we need to make this change... I feel we have enough people to believe in it... To make the change... To become a planet where nature and technology and humans can all live together... But making that shift is so difficult and always seems to stop in bureaucracy, and I think greed comes into it...

"It's a delicate balance, it's complicated... I think we have to swallow our pride, all of us and unite... and find a conclusion on this because we don't have any time... We have to act like now, not just for us but for our children and our grandchildren. It's going to be absolutely vital how we act now."

Stars including Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sean Penn have all been in Paris throughout the summit to support plans for an agreement to cut pollution.