Bjork's new single EARTH INTRUDERS was inspired by a tsunami nightmare she had on a plane flight. The Icelandic superstar visited villages hardest hit by the December 2004 tragedy and she admits the time she spent there witnessing the horrors of the tsunami prompted her nightmare visions. She says, "I spent a few days in a village where 180,000 had died, in one moment. And a year later, people were still digging up bones, and digging through muck and finding objects. "They had to change this golf course into a mass grave. And the smell... that was probably the most surprising thing. You could still smell death in the air a year later." But the experience prompted one of Bjork's most heartbreaking songs during a cross-Atlantic flight to New York. She tells MTV News, "(In the dream) a tsunami of millions and millions of poverty-stricken people" swelled high above the plane she was travelling on, and eventually crashed down on the White House in Washington, D.C.