Eccentric pop superstar Bjork has turned down the offer of an island gift from the Icelandic government because she doesn't want her home to become a tourist attraction.

The singer says officials in her native Iceland wanted to present her with an island to honour her achievements, but she turned them down because she feared the offer was a tourist trap.

She says, "If you're given an island they'll have tourist boats circling around it pointing at you.

"I already get stalked down the street in Iceland and get tourists that walk up to me and poke me with their finger like they've just bought a trip to Disneyland and they met DONALD DUCK. They totally don't treat me like a human being."

Reclusive Bjork once considered buying an island off the coast of Scotland.

She adds, "You can actually go on the web and get islands and they'll be the same price as a house."

28/09/2004 21:09