Bjork has penned an emotional Facebook post about sexism in the music industry.

The 51-year-old singer took to the social media website on Wednesday (21.12.16) to share the lengthy post which discussed how female music artists are only ''allowed'' to sing music ''about their boyfriends''.

Writing on the site, the 'It's Oh So Quiet' hitmaker said: ''women in music are allowed to be singer songwriters singing about their boyfriends . if they change the subject matter to atoms , galaxies , activism , nerdy math beat editing or anything else than being performers singing about their loved ones they get criticized : journalists feel there is just something missing ... as if our only lingo is emo ... (sic)''

The controversial singer went on to state that whilst she has written songs that break away from the mould, she didn't get ''full acceptance from the media'' until she released the 2015 album 'Vulnicura', as that ''shared a heartbreak''.

She continued: ''i made 'volta' and 'biophilia' conscious of the fact that these were not subjects females usually write about . i felt i had earned it . on the activist 'volta' i sang about pregnant suicide bombers and for the independence of faroe islands and greenland . on the pedagogic 'biophilia' i sang about galaxies and atoms but it wasnt until 'vulnicura' where i shared a heartbreak i got full acceptance from the media . men are allowed to go from subject to subject , do sci fi , period pieces , be slapstick and humorous , be music nerds getting lost in sculpting soundscapes but not women . if we dont cut our chest open and bleed about the men and children in our lives we are cheating our audience . (sic)''

But the 'Army of Me' singer is determined to make a change going into 2017, and has urged people to support the ''right to variety'' for female musicians.

She closed the post by saying: ''lets make 2017 the year where we fully make the transformation !!! !!! the right to variety for all the girls out there !!! onwards merry christmas björk (sic)''