Bjork still chuckles when she recalls the swan dress she wore that caused a furore at the 2001 Oscars - because it was just meant to be a joke at Hollywood's expense. The eccentric pop star was ridiculed for wearing the fluffy white outfit, and she's still trying to explain she wasn't being serious when she wore the get up - and distributed 'eggs' all over the red carpet. She says, "I can't believe people are still talking about the swan dress... It was a joke. I find Hollywood dress sense very alienating. Obviously, I was sticking my tongue out at it. "I had six eggs with me and I distributed them around the red carpet. And all the lifeguards (bodyguards) for the stars were like, 'Sorry, ma'am, you dropped this.' It was hilarious. "The weirdest thing is everybody thought I was trying to fit in but that I somehow got it wrong. Does it look like I was trying to fit in?"