Icelandic pop star Bjork is thrilled she broke her promise to ditch acting, because her collaboration with artist lover Matthew Barney in DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 has been a staggering success.

The eccentric singer, who vowed she would never act again after working with Lars Von Trier on 2000's Dancer in the Dark, reneged on her decision when Barney persuaded her not only to compose a soundtrack for his art film, but also to star alongside him.

The pair appear as a couple preparing for a traditional Japanese wedding, who find themselves stranded on a whaling ship. After seeing the horrors of the whaling trade, they chop off their legs and mutate into whales.

But Bjork insists a collaboration was not always on the cards, despite their respective talents.

She says, "When we first met we decided not to work together. But it came to the point when it was almost easier to work together than not work together.

"We planted seeds for five years without having anything in mind. When we started to do this it was harvest time.

"Matthew created the script and the film's universe and I made the music to fit into this universe."