Icelandic singer Bjork is thrilled she's approaching her 40th birthday - because she's convinced her music improves as she becomes older, wiser and more experimental.

The eccentric ARMY OF ME star believes the celebrated music of her youth belongs to a pop era she increasingly feels alienated from.

But she insists her real masterpieces lie ahead, because she will have more experiences to write about and a greater depth of music knowledge.

She explains, "It isn't until you're 40 that the serious s**t kicks in, and perhaps you will write your masterpiece at 55.

"You have to collect all these experiences to write about. As I get older and more mature, my relationship with my music is becoming like that.

"It's challenging, like a mystery. It's exciting and scary, instead of just doing it in your sleep because you've done it before."

05/04/2005 17:35