Icelandic pop star Bjork admits she could never get excited about a poem like she could over the sound of a snare drum.

Bjork, 37, also recalls how ex-boyfriend Tricky had the same love of instrumental sound as her.

And the BIG TIME SEXUALITY singer claims the couple were driven by a need to provide the world with better music.

She says, "I sang on a couple of his records, and he did music on a couple of tunes with me. You're driven by this peculiar passion called 'the world needs better songs'.

"In Iceland I'd listen to people debate about poetry. And I sat in the corner and I cared, but I didn't care. I wouldn't die for a poem, you know?

"But to be in a room where people were like, 'Oh my God! Did you hear the snare sound?' It was amazing."

17/06/2003 09:16