Icelandic singer Bjork credits the Iraq war with inspiring her to become a spokesperson for people who lack interest in politics.

The IT'S OH SO QUIET star's new-found interest in politics was prompted by America's invasion of Iraq in 2003, when she discovered how many people were willing to discuss world affairs with her.

She says, "I don't follow the news that much, but suddenly I was looking online every day, just to see what was going on in Iraq.

"I don't know about you, but whatever I was doing, having dinner with music people to plumbers, everyone was talking about the war and how they disagreed with it, or agreed with it, but everyone has a position.

"So although it has been destructive and disastrous, the good thing is that people actually want to have a say.

"I'm not going to talk like I know about politics, because I'm a total amateur, but maybe I can be a spokesperson for people who aren't normally interested in politics."

13/03/2005 21:23