Singer Bjork has hit out at fairy tales and toys marketed at young girls because they encourage them to grow up being dependant on men.

The VENUS AS A BOY beauty's three-year-old daughter ISADORA will be raised to respect herself and live her own life - something which Bjork thinks is more attractive than any pretty dress.

Bjork, 39, says, "It's interesting for me to bring up a girl. You go to a toy store and the female characters there - Cinderella, the lady in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - their major task is to find PRINCE CHARMING.

"And I'm like, wait a minute - it's 2005. We've fought so hard to have a say, and not just live through our partners, and yet you're still seeing two-year-old girls with this message pushed at them that the only important thing is to find this amazing dress so that the guy will want you.

"It's something my mum pointed out to me when I was little - so much that I almost threw up - but she's right."

14/03/2005 09:54