LATEST: Pop star Bjork has been re-invited to perform at Serbia's EXIT rock festival after organisers initially balked at her outspoken political beliefs. The Icelandic singer/songwriter has been locked in a war of words with promoter Bojan Boscovic after she accused him of cancelling her performance after she dedicated her song Declare Independence to the Balkan state of Kosovo at a recent show in Tokyo, Japan. Kosovo recently broke away from Serbian rule after years of turmoil in the region, but Serbia has refused to acknowledge the state's declaration of independence. Boscovic initially denied he'd made line-up changes because of Bjork's Kosovo remarks, but her management representatives claimed they had correspondence that proved otherwise. And now Boscovic, who admits to sending the email in question, is trying to smooth over relations with Bjork - insisting he has changed his mind about her outspoken comments. He says, "That email was not an official EXIT statement. It was my email sent showing my great concern about what is going on. "Two weeks later I have a different opinion about it. We do want to see her at EXIT. We're trying to see with management now if this is the best time to have her. There is an open invitation." The EXIT festival takes place in Novi Sad in July (08).