Icelandic singer Bjork has urged young mums not to be obsessed with their babies - saying they must have their own life.

The IT'S OH SO QUIET star - who is mum to 18-year-old son SINDRI and baby daughter ISADORA, two - says motherhood is a deeply fulfilling experience but has found the strength to be independent of her family as well.

Bjork says, "When I had my daughter, everything in my head said, 'This is the most important thing in the universe now'.

"But after six months or a year, you have to be able to leave your child alone."

In fact, Bjork now credits herself with being the life and soul of the party again, urging her fellow revellers to keep going when they get tired.

She laughs, "We party moms can have fun.

"Hey folks, I have a baby sitter and two more hours, let's go and have a couple more tequila slammers! We mums want to dance."

23/08/2004 16:55