Eccentric pop superstar Bjork has blasted her one-time movie director LARS VON TRIER for cheating her and treating his crew like filth on the set of Dancer in the Dark.

The Icelandic singer picked up a Best Actress prize at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in 2000 but insists the experience of working with the film-maker has put her off making another movie.

The singer tells American women's magazine BUST that she spent two and a half years having a miserable time working on the project with the volatile Danish director.

She says, "He asked me to take part in this film, and I said, 'No, I'm busy doing other stuff.' Then he approached me again, saying, 'Listen, let's do a movie together, 50/50. You'll do the music.'

"When it came time to do it, he broke all of his promises, and they were all verbal. None of it was written down."

Bjork found the most difficult thing to deal with was the way the director treated his crew members.

She adds, "My father is a union leader... He battles in court for people who don't get treated fairly. I guess I have a bit of that in my blood.

"He'd wake up and be bored, so in front of everybody he would say something that would make someone break down in tears. It wasn't just once. It was all the time, and nobody speaks up to him."

17/02/2005 03:12