Birdman thinks Nicki Minaj is the greatest female rapper of all time.

The 49-year-old hip-hop star has lavished praise on Nicki, crowning her the best female MC in history and saying that she's on another level to most of her supposed rivals.

He explained: ''I always say she's the best ever, best female ever in hip-hop, hands down, facts. There's no getting around it.

''There's levels to this s**t. Very much levels to this s**t. She's an elite.''

Birdman said that while Nicki is comparable to some legendary male rappers, he believes that among female performers, she's in a class of her own at the moment.

Speaking to Rap-Up, he reflected: ''Sometimes, you can put Nicki in a room with males on a rap, but if you put her on females, it's nothing.

''She's a monster in her own race.''

Birdman and Nicki have worked together under the Young Money Entertainment record label, which was founded by Lil Wayne in 2005.

And he feels fortunate to have collaborated with the outspoken star, who he's described as a ''special talent''.

He shared: ''I'm blessed to have her a part of my team. She's a special talent I've never heard before.''

Meanwhile, in December, Remy Ma claimed that 2017 had seen the rise of a ''dope female rapper movement''.

The hip-hop star argued that female rappers are now afforded more respect than ever before.

She said: ''I think people just started really appreciating that there's so many of us and that we're so talented in many different ways. Neither myself nor Cardi [B] nor [Lil] Kim nor any other female is single-handedly responsible for the emergence of more females in the rap industry.

''Everybody contributed. When we start to think that one person is the end-all be-all machine behind everything, that's when we get all the back-and-forth.''