The actress/model was preparing to shoot scenes for a new movie on Wednesday (25Nov15) when a clumsy assistant working on her appearance dropped the hair appliance.

Bipasha told fans the incident left her with "multiple burns" to her face and hands, and that she fears she will be scarred for weeks.

She posted photographs on showing injuries to a forearm and her right cheek, and in a message accompanying the images, she wrote, "Started my day of shoot with multiple burns on my face and hands by a hairstylist. She dropped the tong on me and did not even flinch."

However, Bipasha later made light of the incident on, posting an image of herself holding a mirror above her head as she is tended to by another assistant. In the caption, she wrote, "Post this careless accident, see my way of protecting myself from the mighty tong! Am well and working. Scars will take a while to go. FYI (for your information) this is not the same stylist."