Billy Zane wants to get married.

The 'Titanic' actor would like to tie the knot with his beau Candice Neil, with whom he shares daughters Ava, three, and three-month-old Gia, in the near future.

Speaking to Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, he said: ''Candice is the most dedicated and generous mother and partner I could have ever wished for. I refer to her as my wife, she calls me her husband. But there'll be a ceremony as soon as the schedule lightens up for both of us.''

The 48-year-old star began dating Candice in 2010, and he believes their relationship is strong because they work at it and treat each other equally.

He explained: ''Balance comes from pulling your weight when the bar is set high by your partner. When [she] makes it seem effortless, it's a revelation ... [It's] magic.''

Billy knew straight away that he wanted to have children with the brunette beauty and he was thrilled when they discovered they were expecting their first child just three months into their blossoming relationship.

He said previously: ''We decided to make the baby three months into our relationship, knowing we were going to be together forever. Actually, I knew immediately that Candice was the one and I was biting my lip to wait three months. I knew after three days.''