Country singer-turned-actor Billy Ray Cyrus is amazed with movie make-up artists, after he was made to look half his age for his upcoming movie ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

The film is about a fugitive PINK LADY representative - played by KIM BASINGER - who hooks up with a bored advertising executive as she's trying to avoid being sent to jail for the murder of several Elvis Presley impersonators.

And 42-year-old Cyrus admits he was fascinated with his evolving looks.

Cyrus says, "I play Kim Basinger's dad, who is a bus driver for MINNIE PEARL. I played age 19 in 1958, all clean shaven with my hair slicked back, then I play him around 1965-ish, and then in the '70s where I look kind of like a porno man."

22/02/2004 10:30