Billy Ray Cyrus, the American musician who released his patriotic new album 'I'm American' on Tuesday (28th June 2011), says the record was inspired by his trip to the 'combat zone' in Afghanistan, reports the Associated Press. Billy Ray Cyrus often visits military hospitals and performs regularly for troops overseas.
The 49-year-old says the idea for his latest record started with one particular trip to the Far East, explaining, "It was during a performance in Afghanistan on 'Some Gave All' when some bombs went off in the background, a young soldier stood up and said, 'Keep going Mr. Cyrus. We're used to it". Billy Ray claimed "at that moment" he knew he would record a tribute record, saying. ".I was going to come back and record 'Some Gave All' and start an entire album on a concept that was based solely on taking my hat off and saluting our troops". The release of 'I'm American' caps a tumultuous year for Cyrus, which has included a wave of criticism for his parenting of daughter Miley Cyrus. Despite the tabloid drama, the 49-year-old believes everyone can relate to his struggles, saying, "I've been through a lot. That being said, I think people around the world can look at my life and say, 'That guy is kind of just like us - peaks and valleys, ups and downs. That's what I've lived".
Billy Ray Cyrus' new album features a re-recording of his hit song 'Some Gave All', the title track to his multi-platinum debut album. The new version features vocals from country singers Darryl Worley, Craig Morgan and JAMEY JOHNSON