LATEST: Celebrated keyboard player Billy Preston is fighting a friend who donated her kidney to him after she refiled a suit, claiming the NOTHING FROM NOTHING singer reneged on a deal to pay her rent.

MARSHA STEWART donated her kidney to save her friend's life in 2002 and then sued him when he allegedly turned his back on her.

Earlier this year (04) the suit was thrown out of court when a judge pointed out it is illegal to buy or sell organs, but Stewart's attorney has refiled.

Preston insists he has been a good friend to Stewart, but had to distance himself from her when she became a nuisance to his family.

He says, "I would never do anything to hurt anybody, especially if they're helping me. I'm not that kind of person. I'm supportive of her and I try to help her when I can."

24/11/2004 02:27