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Hi! beatles fani think mill$$$ wears a wig. she doesnt have any hair. as for class. she probably, in her super duper screwed up brain, she thinks means going to school, which she never did.Sure wish the mukrackers would leave sir paul alone to sort out things.Im glad to here he is moving on rather than being tortured by Mill$$$$$. its about time for her to get a re-tred you know where.I would like to send you those discs before they disappear in my move.Tomorrow, Mill$$$$$$$$$, will make another ridiculous accusation against sir paul. Not only can she keep her bs stories straight, and doesnt know what truth is.\all mill$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ wants is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.she sure has cajones refusing the $75,00 pounds, thinking she can get more $$$$.heck, she should pay him for the abuse he suffered at Mill$$$$ horrific life story.there is no doubt she stole the pics of linda, paul, and the children, stealing one million pounds per week unbeknownst to sir paul.(Lady Linda, would never consider such a thing.if you string all the four letter @%@A%@A%@% words you can think of, it will still not be close enough o describe that malovelent bitch, who thinks the world revolves around her. In fact, the world would like Mill$$$$$$$$$$ to jump off the face of the earth, nevermind mocking her out of uk and the us.She is disgusting. What positive example for Bea????????sneaking around, sex for $$$$$, lieing, stealing for a living when she isn t being photographed stark neked with nothing left to the imagination. black mail, revisionist history, and an extremely nasty personality.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by njmralo

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Thank goodness that's not true. Dating and pair a BIG FART!

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by kickmill$ass

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Good for Billy to have enough sense to know that Macca & Brinkley were just hanging out....However wouldn't Paul being a musician and Billy who is also a musician would rather hang out. After all Billy is as close to Paul as Brinkley......right?

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by sir,derekwarner

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Well if it is true then Sir Paul will be seeing a real super model instead of a wanna be. Christie has more class in a strand of hair than Heather will ever have in her entire body.

Posted 10 years 1 month ago by beatlefan

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