LATEST: Rocker Billy Joel is trying to make amends for smashing into a 93-year-old woman's Long Island home by sending her flowers and promising to pay for all repairs.

The PIANO MAN drove into MARIA DONO's house last week (ends30APR04) after losing control of his classic CITROEN during a trip to get a pizza.

Dono, who was not at home at the time, was initially furious with the star, but his constant attempts to appease her and promises to make good have left her willing to forgive his bad driving.

Joel has sent Dono flowers with a lovely note, lawyers and insurance adjusters.

She says, "I have a beautiful bouquet here and a beautiful vase. He wrote, 'My sincerest apologies. I will make sure that any damages I have incurred will be repaired, and again, my sincerest regrets. All the best, Billy Joel.'"

Joel also called the victim's son, JOE DONO, to offer his apologies.

He says, "He's a great guy. He expressed his regret for what happened. It was just an accident and he skidded. He's really a standup guy."

Meanwhile, the grill from Joel's crashed classic car is being auctioned off for charity by a Long Island radio station.

WBLI's SLAM THE STUNTMAN retrieved the grill and placed it on eBay. The top bid for the smashed part on Thursday (06MAY04) will be donated to various Long Island charities.

04/05/2004 21:15