Veteran singer Billy Joel has crashed his car for the third time in two years, after his vehicle slid and smashed into a Long Island, New York house.

The 54-year-old PIANO MAN star - who escaped the accident with minor cuts and bruises - lost control of his car on Sunday (25APR04) when it swerved on a patch of wet road, launching it into a nearby house.

Last year (03) Joel was rushed to hospital after his car hit a tree in Long Island, and he escaped serious injury in a crash in East Hampton in June 2002.

Police have confirmed no other person was involved in the accident, and there was no evidence that drugs or alcohol were involved.

Nearby resident THOMAS PHILLIPS JR was on his front lawn when he heard the crash and went over to see what happened.

He claims Joel "seemed embarrassed that he lost control of the car".

Phillips Jr adds, "He said, 'I can't believe I got in another accident.' He was just going out to get a pizza."

26/04/2004 17:20