Rocker Billy Idol proved he's got a handle on his US taxes during a hilarious skit on TV show LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN - when he dished out financial advice while performing his 1980s hit WHITE WEDDING.

The fun-loving punk joined guitarist STEVE STEVENS on Friday's (15APR05) show for a segment to mark America's tax deadline called Billy Idol's Tax Tips.

Among his sage tax advice, British-born Idol said, "Don't forget (for) the alternative minimum tax, complete form 6251 whether or not you're subject to the AMT."

The leather-clad rocker also suggested, "It's commonly overlooked reductions include the home scholarship credit, generally worth at least $1,500 per-family," and, "Make sure your return reflects the amount shown on forms W2-1098 and, if needed, 1099."

Idol closed the short skit by singing, "In the midnight hour, I'm filing forms, forms, forms," to the tune of White Wedding.

18/04/2005 03:14