Peroxide punk rocker Billy Idol is disgusted by troubled British rocker Pete Doherty's wayward behaviour, labelling the Babyshambles frontman "a baby".

The DANCING WITH MYSELF singer slammed the controversial rocker as childish and destructive for his hellraising antics on and off-stage, despite the fact he is managed by Idol's good friend Mick Jones of The Clash.

Idol, 49, says, "Pete Doherty's behaviour is like the crying of a baby and we all have to go through it.

"It's just that some people go through it up to the time of their memorial.

The former GENERATION X frontman, who suffered a drug addiction in the early 1990s, adds, "It's a shame that some people who write good songs feel they need to submerge themselves in that gunk.

"I got caught up in it myself but it doesn't need to be done."