LATEST: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY star Billy Crystal is enjoying his Broadway show 700 SUNDAYS so much, he's decided to extend it for an extra three weeks.

The comedian, whose autobiographical show was supposed to come to an end on Sunday (22MAY05), has decided to press on for a while longer because he's not willing to let it go yet.

Crystal says, "We're gonna stay three more weeks until June 12th... So there's 15 more shows, it's wide open.

"I just can't say goodbye to the show yet. The only reason we can say June 12th is there's another show coming in - LENNON, about John Lennon. They're doing us a big favour letting us stay the three weeks, delaying their opening for us.

"It's been the time of my life. The best time and the most fulfilling time."

18/05/2005 02:42