Moviemaker Rob Reiner left pal Billy Crystal scarred for life while the pair made hit movie When Harry Met Sally - after he demonstrated an orgasm in front of the funnyman.
Crystal reveals his co-star Meg Ryan's iconic fake orgasm scene in a deli wasn't working at first - and Reiner decided to take her place at the table to show her what he wanted.
Appearing on The Daily Show in America on Monday night (04Apr11), Crystal recalled, "He sits down... and proceeds to have an orgasm that (movie gorilla) Mighty Joe Young would have. It was huge. He's pounding the table... and his mother, Estelle, was sitting there (in the deli), because she's the woman who says, 'I'll have what she's having' (in the scene). She's sitting, like, two tables away.
"He's, like, screaming and yelling and he's sweating. It's gruesome... And he had this gigantic release and finished and said, 'That's what I want...'
"He comes off and says to me, 'I made a big mistake... I just had an orgasm in front of my mother.'"