Actor Billy Crudup has studio magic to thank for making him sound good as a singer in new movie Rudderless - because he struggled to hit the right notes.

The Watchmen star plays a father who forms a band to play his dead son's songs and admits he needed a lot of help to sound good in the film.

He explains, "I went to acting school to learn a trade... You had to learn to sing, to dance, and at the end of three years I was $80,000 in debt and I still can't sing. Fortunately, though, computers have come a long way since then.

"There's a thing called Auto-tune and if your pitch is a little off - or in my case a lot off - it adjusts it a little bit, and I need that help. But I love singing. There's so many times that I hope that somehow I'm struck by the muse and I can now sing, so I'll be in the elevator some times and belt out a note... It still hasn't arrived yet."

Crudup also had to perfect guitar playing in the film - another skill that he has yet to develop.

He adds, "I'm not a good guitar player... This is what I do for a living - I pretend to do things that I can't do... I pretend to have feelings that aren't mine, I wear clothes that I would never wear."