Former SMASHING PUMPKINS star Billy Corgan has disbanded his critically acclaimed new group Zwan after just two years.

The singer/songwriter announced the group's demise earlier today (15SEP03), claiming he should never have called an end to his former project.

Corgan says, "I think my heart was in Smashing Pumpkins. I enjoyed my experience in Zwan, but in some cases I felt

that the band members viewed it as something they could decide to do or not to do."

Zwan bandmate PAZ LENCHANTIN quit the group last month (AUG03) to dedicate more time to Papa M, a band started by Zwan

guitarist DAVID PAJO.

Corgan says he now plans to record and perform as a solo act. He's also trying to get a book of poetry published.

15/09/2003 21:13