American rocker Billy Corgan abandoned a solo concert in Melbourne, Australia last night (26JUL05) after fans repeatedly asked him to play songs by his former band Smashing Pumpkins.

Despite placing an advert in the Chicago Tribune expressing his intent to reform the Smashing Pumpkins last month (JUN05), Corgan became increasingly angered by continued catcalls from the audience.

According to reports in Melbourne newspapers, one fan heckled "play some Pumpkins" to which Corgan replied, "Can I live my life for today?"

Later in the performance, another audience-member shouted "We want rock" - prompting Corgan to suggest he ask for his money back.

The final straw came towards the end of the show when another fan requested Pumpkins material. Corgan declared "F**k this" and stormed off stage ignoring calls to return.

27/07/2005 05:32