Rocker Billy Corgan has been honoured with the Jesse White Award for helping to create a wrestling-focused outreach programme for children in Chicago, Illinois.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman signed on as creative director of independent pro-wrestling organisation Resistance Pro in 2011 and on Wednesday (18Jun14), he was feted by officials at the Illinois State Crime Commission for his efforts in providing a positive outlet for public school children via his Resistance Pro Positive Outreach Program (RPro Pop).

A statement from Corgan on the company website reads, "RPro Pop represents everything that Resistance Pro stands for: community, teamwork, erasing boundaries that separate us as people, reaching out to lend a hand to those who need a little extra love in life, and celebrating that moment.

"I'm so proud that our commitment to these values is as important as making our promotion the newest voice in professional wrestling."