Billy Corgan has moved to end a feud with members of Ok Go after accusing the band of using "gimmicks" to sell records.
In June (12), the Smashing Pumpkins star admitted he preferred the music industry before the use of attention-grabbing videos, singling out OK Go's popular treadmill promo for Here It Goes Again.
He told, "I love videos, but they're just not effective right now… (not as much as) they were, say, 20 years ago. Why are the most celebrated videos of the last five years basically just gimmicks as opposed to substantive things that are worth repeating? They're more like cultural curiosities like, 'Oh, look! They're running on the treadmill.'"
OK Go's Damian Kulash hit back at Corgan in a follow-up interview, saying, "I'm curious as to what Billy Corgan thinks a substantive video from the pre-internet era is. I'm wondering how many of Billy Corgan's videos Billy Corgan made.
"We make our own videos. They're not ads for the songs; they're just another part of our creative output."
However, Corgan wants to put an end to the spat before it escalates and has taken to his page to insist he is a big fan of the band's work.
He writes, "I don't mind OK Go having a go at me if it gets their music heard. It will never be a fight because I think they are a great band."
When a fan asked him if he was involved in the creation of Smashing Pumpkin's videos, he replied, "If that's the question, I helped make them all. 4/5ths of 'em were my concepts, and I worked closely on every stage till complete."