Comedic actor Billy Connolly informed British heir Prince Charles who Scottish rockers Travis were in a foul mouthed rant after the pair met at his 60th birthday party.

The PRINCE OF WALES did not recognise the band when he was introduced to the four piece and other celebrities at Connelly's Scottish castle bash - so MRS BROWN star stepped in to fill Charles in with some colourful language.

Travis frontman Fran Healy explains, "We were staying in a castle in the glen next door and it was the full bagpipe thing. I was standing next to DEREK SMALLS from Spinal Tap and there was Eric Idle and Bob Geldof and WHOOPI GOLDBERG. Someone says do you want to come through and meet The Royalty?"

To Healy's surprise he found himself face to face with Prince Charles.

The singer continues, "He said, 'Hello. What do you do?' Billy was swearing his face off. 'Oh come Charles - Travis! With that miserable f***ing song - you know, 'WHY DOES IT ALWAYS F***ING RAIN ON ME?'"

10/09/2003 13:48