Funnyman Billy Connolly has taken aim at his own audience, blasting fans who dare to heckle him during his stand-up shows.
The Scottish comedian has been touring the world with his comedy routines since the 1970s, and often provokes a reaction from audiences with his jokes.
But he has spoken out to criticise those who shout out during his gigs, insisting hecklers in his audience should "shut up".
Speaking in an upcoming Bbc documentary, Connolly says, "I loathe hecklers. I haven't got a good syllable to say about hecklers. When you come out of the club circuit and into the concert halls they should be gone.
"There's an element of manners that should tell you that the ticket is dear (expensive) and it's a different venue. People have had a bath to come here so sit down down, shut up and listen!"