Funnnyman Billy Connolly deliberately avoided campaigning during the Scottish independence referendum as the issue was "too important" to turn into a Hollywood story.

The proud Scot told in April (14) how he was convinced his fellow countrymen would be "happier" to remain part of the U.K. and insisted, "It's time for people to get together, not split apart."

However, Connolly was noticeably absent from the line of Scottish and non-Scottish celebrities who joined the campaigning ahead of the vote last week (ends21Sep14), and he has now spoken out to explain why he kept his distance.

The comedian tells British magazine Seven, "I made the decision ages ago never to speak about Scottish independence during this referendum. I don't want to be one of these showbusiness guys telling people how to vote. It's too important for anyone in showbusiness to put their oar in. I have a much bigger regard for the Scottish people than that... Now matter how it goes the government could be the same f**king carpetbaggers."

Scots voted to remain part of the U.K. by a majority of 55 per cent in the referendum on Thursday (18Sep14).