Billy Connolly loved playing the role of a king in 'Gulliver's Travels'.

The Scottish actor stars in the upcoming movie adaption of the classic Jonathan Swift-novel as King Theodore, the sovereign of Liliput, a nation of miniature people and admitted that being the king is "terrific".

Asked what it was like to be a king, the 68-year old actor said: "It's terrific to be the King. I've been the King for a long time and it's a joy, an absolute joy to swallow, so little is asked of you, you get the most sparkling uniform."

His performance as King Theodore was inspired by Britain's Prince Charles, admitted Billy, who is certain the son of Queen Elizabeth II would be a perfect candidate for the throne.

Billy said: "I tried to be a kind of Prince Charles-y king. I think if he was a king, he would be a kind of a jolly, casual king and so I tried to be him. I rather like him."

The versatile Scotsman did not only rely on a real person to inspire his acting, but also used the original novel by Jonathan Swift on which the movie is based for cross-references.

He joked: "I'm seldom far from the book. And Catherine Tate gave me a copy when the movie was finished, which was good, because she was the reason I did this movie, Catherine Tate. The rest of the actors, I couldn't give a s**t."

Looking back on his career - which saw the 68-year old not only perform as an actor in a wide range of movies, but also as a musician and comedian - Billy said he was "not surprised" about the outcome of his professional life.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: "It's the kind of thing I always wanted to do, but I'm a bit limited, so I'm not surprised it has gone the way it has. I try not to tell people I was turned down as a penguin and stuff like that, I thought I had a wonderful film career, compared to, you know, considered where I come from and what I do. I'm delighted I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever."

'Gulliver's Travels' starts in cinemas on December 26.