British folk rocker Billy Bragg has been targeted by a disgruntled neighbour in his English village who has sent letters to local residents denouncing the singer's liberal views.
The outspoken star has lived in the Dorset village of Burton Bradstock in England for the last 11 years, but recently he has come under fire from a mystery detractor.
Neighbours in the area were shocked to receive anonymous notes mocking Bragg for living a "celebrity lifestyle" despite his strong left-wing political stance.
But locals have vowed to stand by the star and ignore the slurs.
Simon Holdcroft, who runs the Burton Bradstock post office, tells Britain's Daily Express, "It was quite bizarre and was a racist rant at Billy Bragg. We thought we were the only ones to have been sent it but over a few days it became clear that about 20 or 30 people had also got one.
“A lot of the people were quite horrified by the letter which claimed he was anti-British, pro-immigration and called him the village fool. Mr Bragg has been in the village for a long time and has done a lot of work here and supports activities. I don’t think it has had a positive effect for the author of the letter.”
Bragg famously campaigned against the far-right British National Party during the U.K. election last year (10).