British folk rocker Billy Bragg is often subjected to online heckling - because fans refuse to believe the star logs in to social networking websites to chat to them.
The singer has assured devotees that updates made to his accounts on and are genuine, admitting he uses the internet to "spread the word" about his schedule since he's so rarely in the spotlight.
He tells Britain's Q magazine, "Someone recently wrote on my Facebook wall condemning other users for talking to me 'as if this is the real Billy Bragg' responding to their comments. This post was followed by another who argued: 'I very much doubt Billy has time to run a Facebook account and tour, deal with charity, etc.'
"I can assure you that it was me, sitting alone in my hotel room in Glasgow, tapping out responses on my laptop. Is that sad? I don't think so. For someone like myself, no longer played on radio nor covered by the weekly rock press, Facebook and Twitter offer an easy way to spread the word about my activities."
But Bragg admits he's learned to shrug off any negative comments aimed at him, adding: "While it is true that I do get my fair share of unsolicited invective via the internet, I accept that if you let people place you on a pedestal you have to put up with pigeons s**ting on your head."