Singer/songwriter Billy Bragg was spurred into making a new album after re-evaluating his life following the death of his mother.

The British rocker released his new record, Tooth & Nail, this month (Mar13), and he admits recording the project helped him deal with the loss of his mum, who died almost exactly two years ago in March, 2011.

He tells Britain's The Guardian, "When you lose a parent, you can't help but look around and think: 'What am I doing? Is what I'm doing worthwhile? Am I wasting my time?'

"I wouldn't say this new record is about that experience, but it became the means by which I was able to move on, after mum passed away. In that void, after me and my brother had sorted everything out, and put everything away, there was a time there when I was wondering what I was doing with my life. You think about all those things when you lose someone close. And ringing up (the album's producer) Joe Henry was the beginning of a process."