Billy Boyd thought he and his Lord Of The Rings co-star Orlando Bloom were heading for a grisly death when he saw a fin swimming towards their surf boards in shark infested waters.

The hunky duo were catching some waves off the west coast of America, when Boyd - who admits he's "always freaked out" about bumping into sharks when he's surfing - spotted a fin heading straight for them and feared the worse.

He explains, "I was surfing with Orlando and we saw this fin. It wasn't a dolphin fin, it was the wrong shape.

"We started paddling for the beach and it comes up six feet in front of us."

However, luckily for the pair, the invading sea creature was one of the ocean's more friendly animals.

Boyd explains, "It was a seal. I've never been so scared in my life."

23/01/2004 14:10