Movie star Billy Bob Thornton has discovered a series of secret tunnels under his Hollywood home which are bringing people back from the dead.

The actor fears work on his basement recording studio has woken up spirits who have been locked away since the 1920s when his home was used as an illegal drinking spot during prohibition.

He says, "The basement of the house, which is where my recording studio is, was a speakeasy back during prohibition and when they were building the studio, they knocked through the walls and there are tunnels on the other side of the walls."

And one "watery" ghost of a woman has become a regular unwanted guest.

The actor adds, "She looks kinda like Ernest Borgnine in a dress... I've seen her and a couple of people who don't believe in ghosts have seen her too.

"It's not like you see a person; it's this weird watery image you see for a couple of seconds, and then it's gone. You could tell it was a woman though.

"I've only seen her at night and once at dusk. I don't know anything about her. The previous owner of the house, Slash, said that he had an encounter with her once."

04/10/2004 08:53