Actor Billy Bob Thornton has praised his ex-wife Angelina Jolie for always being "kind" to him in interviews, but admits he would be stunned if she was ever vindictive.

The INTOLERABLE CRUELTY star admits he will always have "deep feelings" for his ex, but is keen to abolish the stigmas attached to him as a result of their union, which saw them swap vials of bloods and reserve adjoining burial plots.

However, the 48-year-old, who divorced Jolie in May (03), is grateful she hasn't responded to their split with a bitter tongue.

He tells website PAGESIX, "I'd expect nothing less from Angie, she has been incredibly kind in every remark she's made about me and our marriage. I'll always have deep feelings for her."

And the actor is eager to shed the "image" he gained during his marriage to the Tomb Raider babe.

He adds, "You know, there's just something so unimaginative about how the press holds onto a hook. I'll be a weirdo forever, and constantly be asked the same five questions based on actions and remarks from, like, five years ago.

"I don't get mad, just a little exasperated sometimes."

26/11/2003 21:18