Movie star Billy Bob Thornton has poured his aching heart into his new album, but still can't figure out why he and ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

The OSCAR winner and the TOMB RAIDER star split last summer (02) and haven't spoken since, so Thornton is still lost for an explanation.

Speaking exclusively to AP RADIO, he says, "I don't think either one of us know why we split up.

"It was like, say you're going into a nightclub one night with your friends and you're in line and the next thing you know, there are guys in helicopters and there's machine gunfire and you don't know what happened.

"That's kind of what our break-up was like."

But the split helped give Thornton the inspiration he needed for his second album THE EDGE OF THE WORLD.

He adds, "I realised while I was in pain that I was healing at the same time and I thought, 'You know what? That's what this record's going to be. It's about a broken person.'

"I'm still broken but I'm on the way to healing."

08/09/2003 02:47